character development #001


There a thousand questions to ask about a character and yet somehow all those long profiles that appear to take as long as it would to just write the book and figure everything out on the fly. There are a few things that you of course want to know when you are creating a new character: name, age and the gender that they identify as (and perhaps their biological gender if it plays any part in the story or you think it might). These are the bare bones of a character, but they are an important foundation to any character you will ever create. However, there are a thousand other things that will change the direction of your story and finding out those important things in the middle of a plot storm might not be the best idea, so here is a writing prompt to help you think about your newest muse.

Someone is missing and your muse is the last person to have seen them alive, but when the police found them, your muse had blood on their hands that didn’t belong to them. At the police station they are questioned about the whereabouts of the missing person and are accused of possibly murdering their acquaintance (or friend, or lover, or whoever). How do they react? Do they keep their composure? Do they have an excuse or reason for the blood? Do they choke and just break down? Did they kill them or is this all some larger plot to frame them?

Remember that the goal is quality not quantity, try to find something new out about your character and perhaps bring in a few others to interact for a short side-story to get your brain going! If you do complete the character development feel free to drop me a link so that I can see what you are up to!


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