writing prompt #002


Now yesterday we started off with writing a short or some developmental story by using a few words and phrases to encourage an emerging plot. Today we are going to try some different “what if…” sort of scenarios to help think of your characters in a completely different situation. Maybe your own personal fanfiction of your own characters (or perhaps literally just fanfiction) but it doesn’t matter as long as you get some words out and start thinking!

  • Your character was bitten by a werewolf and has a week to break the curse or be a werewolf forever, but do they even really want to break the curse?
  • Your character finds an old family artifact that they have been searching for, but now that they have it they are being haunted by an long dead relative who they never met.
  • Your character has been vegan for a good few years, but today they have been craving red meat. How are they cooping now that they are out to dinner with some of your other, meat eating characters?
  • Your character’s marriage just failed and now they are moving back in with their parents, back in their old town where everyone knows everyone and all the dirt that comes with it.

Pick a bullet point or do them all if you are ambitious! Remember keep your character in-character this is just about taking them and putting them into a different conflict to develop them as well as your own writing style.


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